Do you like to play poker online? Is it in your daily habit to bet on? Well if your answer is yes to both the questions, here is a solution named bandarq, which is a platform for online poker games. Gambling around and playing poker has become very common in Asia and so is the motorqq. The motorqq is an agent of the poker game online and is a renowned website in Indonesia for its poker games. In Indonesia poker is very common and so is the gambling. It is completely legal there so the people gamble around very easily in Indonesia. For more information, click on the available link:

Rules and regulations related to the site

There are certain protocols of every official site which are needed to be followed. Hence, the website also has certain rules and regulations which are required to be fulfilled.

  • The transaction responsibilities are completely depended on the player.
  • The player ID and password are not allowed to be shared for any unauthorized use.
  • You are require to register a valid email address and number for contact basis as it is required if you forgot your password.
  • On one user id only one bank account can be registered.

These are few basic rules and regulations which are required to be followed by all the players. Other than this when you receive the bonus it includes 0.5% cash back every week and up to 10% referral bonus for lifetime.